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All Saints


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Emails via this form are sent to the Vestry secretary.

Honorary assistant clergy

Responsible for all matters to do with the liturgy, including participation of the laity on the servers’ rota, and sacristans’ rota, and provides the copy for service sheets.


The Vestry is responsible for assisting and co-operating with the clergy in matters relating to the spirituality of the congregation. Vestry meetings are held every 6–8 weeks to discuss finance, and property concerns.

For more information about the responsibility of the Vestry see the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Vestry resources.

Rector’s warden and
property convenor

Mrs Jennifer Wylie

People’s warden

Mr James Easton

Lay representative

Professor Ann Loades

Alternate Lay Representative


Elected members

Mr Donald Duval

Mrs Patricia Hutchinson

Mrs Marlene Lloyd Evans

Mrs Fiona Seenan

Mr Trevor Sidebottom

Mrs Bernice Smith

All Saints' directory

Who’s who, who does what?

all-saints-directory-dec-2015 (PDF, 192 KB)

Other key individuals

Flowers, Easter Garden and Christmas Crib

Responsible for providing and arranging the flowers.

  • Barbara Graham
  • Janette Smith
  • Jane Winn

Garden and memorial garden

Responsible for maintenance of the church gardens.

  • Joan Day
  • Fiona Seenan

Green room library

Avril Landay

Produce stall

Responsible for organising a once-a-month sale (usually the first Sunday of each month) of homemade or donated bakery, james, chutneys, freshly-made soup, and photographic items to raise funds for All Saints’.

Janet Reid


The sacristans prepare the vessels, linens and clergy vestments for the Mass.

  • Effie Keracher
  • Pat Keracher
  • Moira Lynas
  • Martha Matheson
  • Lorna Walker


Responsible for preparing the altar, where they assist the priest during the services.

  • Andy Seenan
  • Euan Grant
  • Davy Morrison
  • Naomi Tyrie
  • Edwin Wilton-Morgan

Wednesday Club (60–90 year olds)

Wednesday afternoons, 2.00–4.00 pm from September–June, socialise, play games, and enjoy tea and baking.

Mrs E Susan Baxter