The Way of St Andrews has been revived as one of the great pilgrimages of the world. In time, it is hoped that it will rival that other great pilgrimage, the famous ‘Camino’ to Santiago de Compostela, which every year draws over 200,000 pilgrims.

Download the leaflet: The Way of St Andrews (PDF, 52 KB)


Meeting every 6 weeks or so, men interested in making the journey are invited to gather at that day’s walk starting point, and journey together toward St Andrews, following the Fife Coast trail, and the footsteps of centuries of saints and pilgrims.

Each stage of the journey will be about 6 to 8 miles, and stage one will begin at North Queensferry.  All told, this should take us through most of the year, giving us the chance to get to know each other, to find quiet time to journey in peace, and plenty of opportunity to experience the beauties of the Fife coast


  • Fellowship: This will be an opportunity for men to have fellowship and build relationships with each other, while engaged in a physical activity.
  • Mission: All men, regardless of Church affiliation, are encouraged to join us. Our hope is that as we invite those from outside the churches, they will encounter something of Christ along the journey, and desire to seek him more in their lives. Indeed, this is our hope for us all. This will not be a Churchy event, though there will be a chaplain to the group. It is about fellowship, and togetherness on the journey, and so all should feel welcome and comfortable, and free to invite friends.


  1. Saturday 28 September at 09.00am—North Queensferry to Aberdour
    Starts at Rankins Deli in North Queensferry for an inaugural breakfast, with walk to follow.
  2. Saturday 16 November—Aberdour to Kinghorn
  3. Saturday 4 January 2014—Kinghorn to Dysart

Each following month’s start time and location will be announced at the start and end of each walk.


Adrian Neville (Organizer) 01383 417509

The Revd Thomas Brauer (Chaplain) 07539 309 961

Download the leaflet: The Way of St Andrews (PDF, 52 KB)