An update from the mission planning group.

As you know, Bishop David will be launching the All Saints’ Mission Action Plan on Sunday 1st June. This has now been drawn up (based on the meetings with the congregation and community interviews) and presented to Vestry, who have agreed the proposals. The main action points of the Plan, which covers a three year period, are given below. However, it is important to remember that these represent a starting point and there is ongoing scope for additional ideas and amendments and for adjusting the timings. It is very much a ‘work in progress’ and success in implementing at least some of the proposals is dependent on the willingness of members of the congregation to become involved.

There will be a short meeting after the service on Sunday 27th April when the Mission Planning Group will be happy to answer questions.

Proposals for Year 1 of the Mission Action Plan

  • Production of a new liturgy booklet which incorporates a welcome for visitors and explains the different stages of the service.
  • Establishment of ‘five-week’ study groups and a book group which considers questions of faith through fiction.
  • ‘Quiet Mornings,’ based for example round Saints’ day/some aspect of spirituality.
  • Provision of a Book of Commemoration.
  • Invitations to visiting preachers to give a short talk at coffee after the service.
  • Ensuring the website is up-to-date and developing additional content, e.g. inclusion of at least one sermon per month.
  • Establishment of a pastoral team willing to visit members who are ill/offer practical help.
  • Adoption of a charity annually (at AGM) with special collections or fund-raising activities.
  • Establishment of a group to design invitations to special services and cards marking baptisms, confirmations and marriages.
  • Continued involvement in Storehouse.

Years 2 and 3

  1. Production of a visitor’s guide to the church and prayer aids.
  2. Organisation of a Congregation Day/Retreat.
  3. Establishment of a follow-up system for those on the fringe of the church.
  4. Exploration of ways in which practical assistance could be extended to the local community eg in conjunction with other churches.
  5. Provision of a facility for the community in addition to the Wednesday Club eg a ‘drop-in’ morning/afternoon for tea and chat.
  6. Preliminary development of the role of All Saints in the Pilgrimage Trail.

The Mission Planning Group

Nine marks of mission

  1. We worship in ways that inspire and renew.
  2. We transform lives and communities.
  3. We nurture faith through lifelong learning and support.
  4. We reach out to children and young people.
  5. We use prayer, word and sacrament to experience God’s will.
  6. We welcome newcomers and celebrate life events.
  7. We share our faith by confident and sensitive evangelism.
  8. We serve the community in practical ways.
  9. We are ready to seek growth and Cast the Net.

If you have any questions about Casting the Net, please contact the Casting the Net coordinator, at or on 01738 443173.