Trustees of the All Saints Trust

The Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the All Saints Trust (The Bishop, the Dean, the People’s Warden and the Rector) was held on 4th March, 2014 and the Vestry was delighted to be advised that the proposal on clarifying the administration of the Trust which had been submitted to the Trustees by the Vestry, was approved. Vestry recorded its thanks to Ian Palfrey, independent examiner, who was able to provide professional guidance, at no cost, to bring this item to a successful conclusion. As a result, Vestry is now in a position to let 35 North Street and this is being handled by Pagan Osborne


A report of the Synod proceedings was presented by Jennifer Wylie, Lay Representative, at the Vestry meeting in March. The general state of the Diocese finances was good and the Quota (the proportion of monies paid by each Church in the Diocese) would remain at 15% for this year although this would be kept under review as the Diocese addressed the issue of increasing the number of ordinands and the training required. This may require additional funding. The Bishop also stressed the importance of the connection and support between Clergy, Vestry, Bishop and Diocese. In the afternoon session, a presentation by Nigel, Bishop of Brechin took place followed by group discussions. The subject was same sex relationships. A major “cascade” conference will take place on 29/30 April in Pitlochry and it was hoped that a whole Church conversation on this subject would enable a Church position to be formulated by the end of the year. All congregations would be asked to form a view.

Mission Action Planning (MAP)

The MAP process is proceeding well with the formal adoption by Vestry of the MAP which had identified two Marks of Mission to which All Saints would be responding.

  • Mark 3 – We nurture faith through lifelong learning and support
  • Mark 8 – We serve the community in practical ways.

The Bishop will come to launch All Saints’ Church Mission Action Plan on 1st June. Further plans are already in train to ask the Congregation to participate in taking the plan forward.

See also the latest report from the mission action planning group.


On the Property front, work on the Chancel Roof repair will commence in May. Work to relay the Courtyard pathway will now take place in August, a less busy time of year in respect of hall lettings and more time to advise current and prospective users of the alternative arrangements for access during this work. The Tower Flat has had a new boiler installed in the first phase of work to upgrade this building.


The Rev Gareth Saunders, controls and maintains the All Saints’ website. Modifications he recommended and which were approved by Vestry to give a less expensive, more streamlined and stable service have been introduced and he has been very busy bringing the website up to date for which we are all very grateful.

Spring clean

As you are probably all aware we are organising a “Spring Clean” of the Church and its surrounds which will probably last longer than the period normally associated with this season! If you feel you can offer some help on either a Friday and/or a Saturday morning after the morning Eucharist service please do come along to swell the numbers already prepared to expend a bit of elbow grease in bring the “glow” back to All Saints.

Liz Sidebottom