The Seventh Sunday of Easter marked an important moment in the life of our congregation. Bishop David came and our Mission Action Plan, our MAP for the future, was properly launched. As he does, +David wrote about the event on his blog (‘Thinking Aloud’). This is some of what he said:

The Mission Action Plans are all different – custom made in each congregation. All Saints is a congregation which is passionate about high-quality liturgy and which exudes prayerful holiness. It is also aware that it was established as a mission to the fishing community in St Andrews. It’s a special place. So they have chosen two Marks of Mission which complement and enhance their tradition – ‘Life-Long Christian Nurture – deepening our knowledge of God’ and ‘Serving the Community in practical ways’.

The purpose of all this is simply to provide a tool which will enable the congregation to have a conversation about their future in mission.

It would be tempting to say: ‘Let the conversation commence!’ But of course, it has already commenced and the MAP, signed by +David and Jennifer Wylie (Lay Lead of the planning group) and me during the service, is a symbol of that conversation made visible.

Rather, we say now: ‘Let the conversation continue’. It is important not to lose momentum. Over the summer, we shall be thinking how to begin implementing the various elements contained within our MAP. And the ‘we’ in that sentence means not just the planning group and the Vestry, but everyone in the congregation. Spend some time looking at the MAP and thinking about how you might remain involved in the conversation and in the mission activities that come from it.

Conversation is important; keeping the communication going is important. See the press release issued by the Province following the conversation at Pitlochry (at which I was one of this diocese’s seven representatives) on the next page of this Newsletter.

With every blessing for a peaceful summer and some life-enhancing conversations.

Fr Jonathan