Congregational lunch and farewell

Fr Jonathan’s final Sunday at All Saints’ will be Sunday 23 November 2014, the feast of Christ the King.

The Sung Eucharist will be followed by a congegational lunch and farewell to Fr Jonathan and Sheila.

Fr Jonathan to leave after 18 years at All Saints’

Originally published 29 October 2014

As announced to the congregation on Sunday 31st August, after eighteen years as Rector, I shall be leaving All Saints’ at the end of November. The intention is to take a period of sabbatical leave first: there is some writing and some studying I should like to do, while reflecting on what form my vocation and ministry might take in the years that remain before retirement. It is big decision, but one that was not quickly or lightly made, and certainly not without the support of Sheila.

There is much that we shall miss about All Saints’ and we trust we shall have time and opportunity to say this before we go. It is a very particular church in a very particular place, constantly refreshed, as is evident in this Newsletter, by those who come and stay and then move on again. But move on we all must, in some way or another, at some time or another.

Having worked towards, and then produced, a Mission Action Plan (MAP) for the coming years, the congregation has taken considerable steps to think about its life and its witness to the Gospel in this town. This discernment of the congregation’s mission and ministry will continue as projects included in the MAP begin to take shape: there is an article about these contained here as well. Further discernment will take place in the weeks and months that follow my departure, as the Bishop, the Vestry, and others begin the process of appointing a new Rector, and a new chapter in the life of this community of faith begins.

Meanwhile, although our paths diverge, we shall remember you in our prayers and I hope you will remember us in yours.

With every blessing

Fr Jonathan