Fr Esau McCaulley writes:

On Friday 28 November at 6:00 pm All Saints Church will be hosting a time of prayer for racial reconciliation and the transformation of all unjust systems of law enforcement that disproportionately effect minorities in the United States.

The service will be from the American Book of Common Prayer and will include a celebration of the Eucharist. I had some hesitancy about putting this together because I feared:

  1. Naming systematic injustice along with racial reconciliation would prove divisive. I have concluded that if we are not even willing to name it as the sin and reality that it is how can we pray for it?
  2. We are in Scotland, far removed from the situation, with very few African Americans in the community. I then remembered all those times we prayed for people in far away lands from the safety of our own prosperity in the states. There is something appropriate about Americans humbly asking others to pray for us who clearly are in need of God¹s work of reconciliation to take place in our midst.

Finally, it should go without saying that this service does not require one to have a particular opinion about the incident between Mike Brown and Officer Wilson. It definitely does not stand in support of violence or riots.

All those of good will are invited to attend.