Report from the Vestry following the meeting with the Bishop held at the Diocesan Office Perth on Monday 19 January 2015

The vestry met the Bishop on Monday 19 January so that we could talk to him and get his advice on the process of looking for a new Rector. We know that we have to formulate a parish profile and we have to give serious and prayerful thought as to what sort of person the new Rector should be and in what directions we, as a congregation, may need to be led!

We had done a great deal of background work in preparation for this meeting, ensuring that we had a good knowledge of all the things that the Rector needs to do, that we are able give a good description of the congregation of All Saints’, and that we could indicate what the congregation expects from the Rector. In our meeting with the Bishop we were able to present ideas and ask the Bishop what he thought we needed and what would be good for us.

We now have to bring together all the elements to create a document containing the parish profile and the desirable characteristics in a new Rector and all the supporting information required for the recruitment process. This will be done over the next couple of weeks and will be sent to the Bishop for any adjustment and final approval at a further meeting with the Bishop on the 9th February, in Perth.

After that an advertisement can be published in the Church Times, the Dioscesan website, our own website amongst others and the process will start in earnest. The Bishop expects that applications will probably be received and processed after Easter.

The congregation will be kept notified as to progress via Notices in the Pew Sheets, coloured sheets left on the Table in Church, the Porch Noticeboard and Newsletter. Please keep checking for further updates and if you wish to ask any questions, please contact any member of Vestry.