On the first two days of November, the Church celebrates the unity of all the faithful, living and departed, in the care of Jesus Christ and the presence of God. The Feast of All Saints celebrates that “great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1) who have entered into the joy of their master and on whose intercession in the presence of God the church calls in the Litany of the Saints and in our prayers. The Feast of All Souls which follows expresses our hopes and prayers for all the departed, especially those whom we know and love, that God will accomplish in them the fullness of Christ’s work of salvation, calling them and us to be joined with the Saints in the eternal Kingdom of the Son, which will have no end. The first is, for this congregation, our patronal festival. The work of prayer summed up in the second is a central part of our spiritual ministry.

This year:

  • All Saints’ Day will be celebrated on Tuesday 1st November with a Sung Mass at 6pm in the church, with a reception to follow in the Rectory.
  • All Souls’ Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 2nd November, with a Mass at 9:30 am and a Sung Mass at 6 pm, remembering all of those whose names have been put forward. The evening service on Wednesday will not be followed by a reception.

Picture: The All Saints window in the nave, by Sallie-Marie Gardner.