As you will know, various risk management measures have been deployed over the last year or more through agreement between the Rector,Vestry and the Bishop.With the passing of time, these measures became stricter but they are now gradually being relaxed as Government requirements and the SEC’s guidelines permit. Many of the remaining requirements are now lifted.

There is a wide variety of views concerning the efficacy and validity of restrictions and, as the Rector has suggested during the last year, covid is not the only risk to people’s health posed by this unprecedentedly debilitating period. The truth of many issues remains obscure. You will not be surprised that, in discussing the easing of restrictions and what All Saints’ should do, Vestry displayed quite a range of views. But we are grateful that, despite differences, we were able to reach agreement for a procedure to follow, during the coming weeks, in order to provide as much support to as many people as is practical.

Therefore, in an effort to keep abreast of current mandates whilst remaining sensitive to the various needs of the congregation, some of the more pertinent changes or notices are as follows:

  • Face coverings are still required indoors unless exempt, except for those leading the service
  • The front half of the church reverts to regular non-distanced seating
  • If distanced seating is required, please email for a reserved seat in the distanced section of the church
  • Communion remains in one kind (the bread only) for the present with the hope that the communion cup can be reinstated soon
  • Hand sanitizer is available and use upon entering the church is encouraged