Casting the net

Growing faith communities in the Diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane

What is Casting the Net?

Pentecost 2009 saw the diocesan launch of Casting the Net, an initiative of mission and growth in the life of our diocese.

At the heart of Casting the Net is an understanding that God is a missionary God, who calls us to share our faith with all people. We seek transformed lives and communities.

To this end, Casting the Net is prayerful and creative. It is shaped locally in the lives of our congregations and as such is ever evolving.


The inspiration for Casting the Net comes from the story of the miraculous catch of fish in St John’s account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (chapter 21).

Peter and the other disciples have been fishing all night without success. Unrecognised, the risen Jesus appears and tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. The disciples obey. Suddenly they find that their nets are full of fish and they recognise with them the presence of Jesus. They are caught in a miracle of grace.

Casting the Net—Growing faith communities in the Diocese of St Andrews

Nine marks of mission

Casting the Net is founded on the nine marks of mission, which were adapted from the Diocese of Leicester.

  1. We worship in ways that inspire and renew.
  2. We transform lives and communities.
  3. We nurture faith through lifelong learning and support.
  4. We reach out to children and young people.
  5. We use prayer, word and sacrament to experience God’s will.
  6. We welcome newcomers and celebrate life events.
  7. We share our faith by confident and sensitive evangelism.
  8. We serve the community in practical ways.
  9. We are ready to seek growth and Cast the Net.

The two Marks of Mission chosen by the congregation of All Saints’ at a meeting held on Saturday 7 December, for the basis of our Mission Action Plan (MAP) are these numbers three and eight, highlighted in bold, above.

One of the practical ways we serve the community is by donating food to a local food bank Storehouse.

Key aims

In 2012, the diocese reviewed the work of Casting the Net, giving us three key aims going forwards:

  • Working creatively and supportively to develop mission-shaped communities of faith.
  • Education, training and support to build confidence and encourage growth.
  • Build dynamic and loving relationships through which we share our faith and serve others.

For more information, please read the 2012 Review of the Diocesan Policy and Action Plan (PDF, 503 KB).

Casting the Net